The art of pillow placement in home staging

The art of pillow placement in home staging

If you’ve read our recent blog posts about creating a bed scene that sells and staging a serene master bedroom, you know pillows are important. Proper pillow placement is a must when preparing for Toronto home staging. Consider Baraka GTA Staging’s tips below to stage your home and prepare for a sale. The goal is to achieve a perfectly layered pillow look that your buyers will love.

Count your living room pillows

Make sure you don’t have too many pillows, or too little. The proper amount for a sofa is three to five, depending the size of the pillow and size of the sofa. When home staging a smaller sofa, aim for three pillows and a throw.

When home-staging a large sofa, aim for a symmetrical look with two pillows on one side, and one or two on the other.

While a bedroom can have more pillows to create a luxury feel, too many in the living room can be overpowering.

Stick with your colour scheme

When home staging, match your pillows to the colour scheme of the room. If the walls are a neutral colour, have some fun with patterns. A solid colour is a must for at least one of the pillows. The other pillows can have a fun print or design on them, as long as all the colours match. Pillows are something that are interchangeable depending on the season.

Layering bedroom pillows for home staging

In a bedroom, place pillows in the centre of the bed, alternating solid colours and prints. At the front, end with one accent pillow.

Here’s how to break it down depending on your bed size. Pillow details are listed from back to front:

King Bed Toronto Home Staging

King bed

  • Three euro pillows
  • Two king pillows
  • Two standard pillows
  • One accent pillow




Queen Bed Toronto Home StagingQueen bed

  • Two euro pillows
  • Two standard pillows
  • One accent pillow





Twin Bed Toronto Home StagingTwin bed

  • One euro pillow
  • One standard pillows
  • Once accent pillow





Throw pillows are a fun way to add colour to a neutral looking room. They’re also an excellent way to bring in different dimensions. Have fun with the placement, and if you need some help, hire a home stager. It’s an added expense, but you might end up making more in the final sale. For professional Toronto home staging, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.



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