Five tips to stage a condo for sale

Five tips to stage a condo for sale

Five tips to stage a condo for sale.Aside from cleaning your condo, home staging is a key task in preparing for a sale. And, if you’re selling a small condo, how do you make it feel bigger? Consider Baraka GTA Staging’s tips to make your small condo stand out. When it comes to Toronto home staging, it doesn’t take much effort to make a great impression. Here are five condo staging tips that will be sure to help you make a sale.

Clean off your counters

Clutter on your kitchen and bathroom surface makes you condo look messy and small. Put small appliances away, such as the blender, toaster and hairdryers. Then, give your counters a good scrub. Small flower arrangements make perfect countertop decorations in your kitchen and bath.

Make your bed a focal point

An easy way to spruce up your master bedroom is to consider your bed placement and linens. Make your bed a focal point with an array of accent pillows, too. In a small space, moving and redressing your bed makes a huge impact on the room.

Declutter your living room

In a small space, many condo living rooms have too much furniture and clutter. This is a turn off for buyers and makes the room look even smaller. Gather your books, toys, personal photos and put them in storage. You can keep some tasteful art on the walls, but keep it to a minimum. When you have limited square footage, the goal is to create more visual space.

Use neutral wall colours for home staging

When rooms have a soft shade of paint on the walls, they appear brighter, inviting and bigger. Consider painting your condo in soft shades of grey or white. This will provide the illusion that space is larger.

Use the same wall colour throughout your condo. Contrasting colours can create room dividers that may not exist. The objective is to present a large, open space.

Clean out chaotic closets

Closets and medicine cabinets need home-staging attention. When potential buyers open your closet and see a mess, it indicates that your condo has limited storage. In small condos, storage is everything. Buyers want to feel that their life in a new condo will be peaceful and clean. So, clean and declutter all your closets and storage spaces.

When preparing to sell a condo, it can be difficult to make a small space appealing to GTA buyers. Use these simple suggestions in your condo’s home staging to make small spaces appear larger. If you’re ready to sell your condo, hire a home stager. It’s an added expense, but you might end up making more in the final sale. For professional Toronto home staging, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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