Staging a Serene Master Bedroom

Staging a Serene Master Bedroom

Everyone has different preferences, and it’s imperative to know that those who are looking to buy may not exactly be into the same as you. Rooms that are serene, calm, open, and tidy are ones that sell, and when you’re staging a master bedroom, creating this type of environment is essential.

Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom That Sells

What you need to stage your Master bedroom:

  • Supplies for painting
  • Possible new bedspreads
  • Coordinating window dressings
  • Lighting and mirrors
  • Non-abstract wall art
  • Throw Toss pillows in front
  •  Tiny vase of flowers
  • Crisp linens and a throw at the end of the bed
  • Matching lamps
  • Multiple pillows with shams

Below are some tips to help you stage if you can’t hire a professional:

Painting is important

When staging a home, you want to go with beiges, blues, soften greens and greys to create the feeling of openness and calmness. If you’re painting a bedroom, relaxing choices are the best, as they create the image of a paradise or oasis for relaxation – exactly what a master bedroom should feel like.

Taking out unnecessary furniture

All you want to do is keep your nightstand tables, your bed, and a full-length mirror. If you’re someone who hates mirrors, we suggest you purchase or rent a full-length to help open it up and create the vibe of “this room is about you.”

Removal of clutter is key

Another key aspect you should take into consideration when staging a master bedroom is the amount of clutter. It doesn’t matter if these pieces are brand new and decorative, or if they already belong to you, less is more when showing a master bedroom, as it’s supposed to be the biggest bedroom in the household.

Coordinate the bed dressings

Throwing on a deep purple and red bed set on when you have eggshell or soft green on the wall will cause an adverse reaction when potential buyers walk in. Coordinate the colours on the wall and from the furniture to pick the perfect bed set. In doing so, you create elegance.

Match window dressings

Never mismatch your window and bed dressings. Doing so can create a distracting clutter that can make the room smaller. Simplistic styles that coordinate sell better than those that do not.

Lighting next to furniture

In your master bedroom, you always want to use floor lamps next to your night stands to give a symmetrical vibe, while adding lighting to the area. Make sure they are of the same style, and not one of one style and one of another.

Decorate the walls

You should highly consider looking at wall art to add to your wall. You should never add more than two bold pieces, and plants act as a great tandem in décor for wall art.


This shouldn’t have to be said, since you’ll be decorating the room and organizing, but make sure the room is always spotlight before a viewing. The bed must be perfect, and the carpets must be cleaned. If you have hardwood floors, make sure to shine them before a showing.

You should never forget to stage your closet as well, since most potential buyers will want to see how much storage space they have. At the end of the day, you want to stage the room with the mindset of “the pickiest person will be touring my house today”.


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