Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto

Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto

Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto. Many must-haves on a home buyer’s list is plenty of storage. That’s why it’s important to not only stage but organize your home before it hits the market. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging work with homeowners to organize their whole house. The following home staging tips will help you turn your home into an organized space with amplified storage.

Clean up cluttered closets

Make your closets more appealing to buyers by decluttering as much as you can. Messy closets signify a disorganized home. Pack up as much as you’re able, and store the rest somewhere else while your home is on the market. Consider using a friend’s house or temporary storage unit.

Replace clear storage bins with solid ones

Clear bins are great for homeowners because you can see what’s inside. But they don’t work well for home staging. They create a cluttered look that isn’t appealing to buyers. Invest in solid boxes or wicker baskets to keep your belongings sorted, yet hidden, until you move.

Toronto home staging companies will install extra lighting

If the corners of your living spaces, bedrooms and closet are dim, install lights to add brightness. This will make your home appear larger and more open. Purchase inexpensive lights that will stick right to the wall and can be taken down before you move. Ensure you turn them on before any showings.

Add a home staging flair to bookcases

Give your bookshelves some style. Remove about 25 percent of your books entirely. Then, rearrange what’s left. Place some books vertically and some stacked horizontally. Add a few accessories to style your shelves with accents and bookends. This will add character and personality to the room while also lightening up your bookcases.

Eliminate clutter in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Kitchens and bathrooms easily make or break home sales. These are the rooms where home staging and organizing cannot take a back seat. In the kitchen, remove all magnets from your fridge, clean off your counters and de-clutter the chaos in your cabinets. In the bathrooms, remove any toiletries, as well as bath mats and toilet seat covers. Ensure buyers can see the space your house has to offer and how they could use it.Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto

Home staging doesn’t include children’s toys

Minimal toys—if any—should be in a home for sale. And if they’re found anywhere, it should be in a child’s bedroom or nursery. When your home is on the market, limit each child to one basket full of toys. Pack up everything else and store it away. Before a showing, pack up each child’s existing basket, and take it with you. As a bonus, when you move into your new home, the toys that were packed up will feel new again to your children.Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto

Home staging your garage is important in Toronto too

Just like inside the house, if you don’t take something to your new home, buyers don’t want to see it in their potential home either. Keep only garage-appropriate items in the garage. Your tools should be neatly organized, along with other household supplies. Make sure you leave enough room for a vehicle in each space. If you have a two-car garage, buyers should be able to see enough space for two cars to be parked in the garage.Home staging tips for organizing your whole house in Toronto

If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance with preparing for a sale, hire a home stager. At Baraka GTA Home Staging, professional team will work with you to understand the needs of the buyer. We leave a lasting impression by using space, lighting and furniture from our immaculate premium selection. We like to create a story in each space, by allowing buyers to envision their lives truly in their new home. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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