Home staging a recreation room in Toronto

Home staging a recreation room in Toronto

Home staging a recreation room in Toronto

Home staging is about balance. When preparing for a sale, you want to showcase beautiful living spaces. Also, you need to present rooms that are livable for buyers. This is especially important for family homes. Finished basements with recreation rooms are a new must-have. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging know how important this bonus room is for buyers. Here’s how to stage your recreation room to present a stylish yet lived-in space.

Style your space with neutral colours

We’ve discussed before how neutral colours are calming. In a hustling and bustling recreation room, creating a calm environment is most important. Toronto home staging companies also use a muted colour scheme to set the stage for pops of colour. Too many colours will often turn buyers away and make for a difficult sale. But with a calm colour scheme, you have the perfect backdrop to add vibrant cushions, throws, art and accessories.

Remove toys and clutter

Minimal toys—if any—should be in a home for sale. And if they’re found anywhere, it should be in a child’s bedroom or nursery. When your home is on the market, limit each child to one basket full of toys. Pack up everything else and store it away. Before a showing, pack up each child’s existing basket, and take it with you. As a bonus, when you move into your new home, the toys that were packed up will feel new again to your children.

Arrange furniture for functionality

Recreation rooms usually have a lot of purposes. They can serve as an entertainment space, play area and movie room. The way you position your furniture for home staging will highlight each of these areas. In an open-concept space, arrange furniture that “floats” instead of sticking to the walls. This can make your space appear even larger and more functional. You can also use area rugs to divide up a larger room into sections. Keep traffic patterns in mind when home staging. Home staging a recreation room in Toronto. Think about how you walk through space and ensure you don’t block any routes with furniture.

Home staging services with light

Most recreation rooms are in the basement. Unfortunately, in most homes, this means the natural light is minimal. Like any other room, you want to showcase a bright, beautiful space. Toronto home staging companies will often use track lighting to light up a recreation room. It’s a cheap home improvement idea, and fairly simple to set up. Table and floor lamps will also help to brighten your basement. Just be sure all of your fixtures are clean and switched on before a showing.

Accessorize to add energy

The fun part of any home staging project is adding accessories into a space. A recreation room often focuses on families. Home staging a recreation room in Toronto It’s important to work with artwork and accessories that will add energy to this space. Items that feature rich reds or bright greens can add warmth and life in home staging. When selecting your pieces, try to work with similar shames and colours to stick to the same theme.

Home staging a recreation room in Toronto

If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance with preparing for a sale, hire a home stager. At Baraka GTA Home Staging, professional team will work with you to understand the needs of the buyer. We leave a lasting impression by using space, lighting and furniture from our immaculate premium selection. We like to create a story in each space, by allowing buyers to envision their lives truly in their new home. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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