How to stage your home to sell during Toronto’s winter months

How to stage your home to sell during Toronto’s winter months

‘Tis the season for selling! While spring and summer are generally real estate’s hottest months, some sellers simply cannot wait until then. If you’re a home-owner who’s preparing for a winter sale, the good news is that buyers are shopping year-round. But when the snow flies and temperatures drop, you may need to work a bit harder to entice them.

With proper home staging in the winter, you can certainly make an impact. But it’s important to stage your home appropriately for the season. So, if you’re gearing up for a winter sale, read on. In this article, Toronto home staging company Baraka GTA Home Staging offers advice on how to stage your home so it sells.

Winter home staging starts at the curb

Staging the exterior of your home is essential in any season. This is because buyers are already making a judgment call as they pull up outside your house. In the winter though, exterior considerations for home staging are different. With snow and ice abound – especially in Toronto – and earlier sunsets, your buyers’ safety needs to be considered:

  • Shovel the snow from your driveway, walkway and sidewalk.
  • Salt and de-ice these walkways to prevent slips.
  • Also clear snow and ice from your porch and deck (backyard areas included).
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs and ensure walkways are brightly lit.

Provide a warm winter welcome

As buyers approach your front door, you want to ensure they’re greeted warmly. Sellers can use home staging techniques to provide this welcome in the winter months. This can include seasonal potted plants at your entryways such as evergreens and spruce trees. You may also choose to hang a wintry wreath or festive greenery. But when it comes to holiday lights or another décor, tuck them away until after your move. Buyers may be thwarted by décor that doesn’t align with their own tastes.

When buyers enter your home, ensure the foyer is brightly lit and that hangers are available in the closet for them to hang their coats. A welcome mat for boots is not only welcoming but can also protect your floors.

Home staging with light in the winter

Natural light is the best light for showcasing your home. But daylight is in short supply in Toronto winters. That’s why sellers turn to home staging to ensure their living spaces are well lit for evening showings. This includes turning on all available lights, ensuring burnt-out bulbs are replaced and using the same type of bulb throughout the house for consistency.

Focus on your fireplace

A key element of home staging is having a focal point in every room. The fireplace often becomes a natural focal point due to its size and lure of warmth. That’s why you can’t neglect to stage it properly in the winter. Ensure the areas around the fireplace and mantle are clean and decluttered. Then, add a single piece of artwork on top with one tall vase of greenery or one arrangement of candlesticks in a wintry theme. Don’t feel obliged to have symmetrical décor on both sides of the mantle. Instead, draw buyers in with a unique arrangement that will please the eye.

Accessorize warmly in the winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t add warmth indoors. Instead of decorating with your family’s holiday décor, consider wintry accessories. As you stage your home, add textured rugs, plush cushions and warm throws in your living spaces. You can also use natural-themed accessories to bring the outdoors in by incorporating wooden elements and berries in your home staging décor.

As you accessorize, be sure to keep your home’s colour scheme in mind. For example, if your theme is centred on blue tones, add white or silver accessories or even glass elements. For natural colour schemes of green, brown or beige tones, focus on rich gold accessories to add some holiday sparkle.

How to stage your home to sell during Toronto’s winter months

How to stage your home to sell during Toronto’s winter months. Proper home staging in the winter had has the power to create a wow-factor in real estate’s slower months and impact the outcome of your final sale. But you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance in home staging, contact Baraka GTA Home Staging. Our professional team will ensure your space makes buyers feel at home by using lighting, furniture and accessories from our immaculate, premium selection. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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