How to stage your home to sell during Toronto’s winter months

‘Tis the season for selling! While spring and summer are generally real estate’s hottest months, some sellers simply cannot wait until then. If you’re a home-owner who’s preparing for a winter sale, the good news is that buyers are shopping year-round. But when the snow flies and temperatures drop, you may need to work a […]

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Home staging with indoor plants in any season in Toronto

Home staging with indoor plants in any season in Toronto. House plants have the power to make homes happier and healthier. That’s just one reason why they’re a home stager’s secret weapon. Even in Toronto’s dreary winters, home stagers turn to house plants to lighten and brighten the indoors. However, staging with plants takes a […]

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How to create a focal point with home staging in any room

One of the biggest secrets in home staging is working with a focal point in each room. Whether it’s a fireplace in the living room or a staircase in the entrance area, these elements are essential. When styled correctly, the focal point becomes the centre of the room and defines functionality. When a focal point […]

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Avoiding minor home repairs could be a big turnoff for buyers

Avoiding minor home repairs could be a big turnoff for buyers. A burnt-out lightbulb or chipped wall paint won’t bother most home-owners. But if your home is listed for sale, these small defects won’t go unnoticed with buyers. When they visit your home for a showing, they want to be impressed with every aspect of […]

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Coloured floors can add depth to your Toronto interior design

Coloured Floors Can Add Depth to Your Toronto Interior Design. Home staging can do wonders to improve a home’s image. As Toronto home-owners prepare for a sale, styling their living spaces can give them an extra edge in the real estate market. But when a room is too small or misshaped, many home stagers turn […]

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Why bother hanging any artwork in Toronto home staging projects?

When Toronto home-owners take on their home staging, the artwork is often an afterthought. Unfortunately, many will focus too much on furniture and its placement, and that’s all. But Toronto home staging companies will all agree that hanging artwork provides many benefits in interior design. And, when your goal is to create that “wow factor” […]

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White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes

White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes Classy and sophisticated, white walls are the top choice for many home stagers. White provides a clean and neutral backdrop to add colour in other ways. But without these pops of colour in the rest of the décor, a white wall can fall flat. The options of […]

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Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging When you think of Feng Shui interiors, you likely picture a calm, serene environment. For this reason, Feng Shui and home staging have a lot in common when it comes to creating a welcoming space for buyers. A clean, harmonious house with minimal clutter and a positive flow of […]

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