Five ways to stage a dining room to sell

Five ways to stage a dining room to sell

Staging a dining room involves more than setting the table. It’s challenging to stage rooms that are small, dark or share space with another room. When staging a dining room, create an inviting space that welcomes buyers. Create a space that buyers would be happy to host their own dinner guests. Baraka GTA Staging suggests these five ways to stage a dining room that sells.Home Staging.

Light the room

If you’re lacking light in your dining room, let some light in. If your room has a window, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect light. The mirrored wall art helps for home staging , itself. Place a narrow table beneath the mirror, with two tall lamps to create a glow.

Stage a space for dining

If your dining room isn’t set up to entertain guests, create one that is. If you have a small space, place the dining table near a wall so guests can walk through. For the rest of the space, han

g artwork on the walls to make a statement. Use furniture and accessories to display décor options for a small space.

Create a modern home staging look

Avoid turning away buyers with outdated interior designs. Look at all aspects of your dining room: light fixtures, wallpaper, paint and hardware. A new, inexpensive light fixture can bring the room back to this century. Avoid brass; opt for brushed silver or bronze rod iron instead. Remove wallpaper and obnoxious paint colors. Repaint with a neutral colour, which is key in staging a home to sell.

Enable traffic flow

As you stage your home for sale, showcasing spacious rooms is important. If you have a table that seats eight or more, remove leaves until you seat six. Place the extra chairs on each side of a window or china cabinet. If the space is tiny and the chairs don’t fit, put them in storage out of sight. Agents and prospective buyers need to be able to move through the room.

Find a focal point

To capture buyers’ attention, in a home staging create a focal point in your dining room. This can be a centerpiece of fresh flowers or colourful wall art. Remember to be tasteful as you add a show-stopping element to the room.

If you’re prepared to sell your home, and need to stage a dining room that sells, hire a home stager. It’s an added expense, but you might end up making more in the final sale. For a professional Toronto home stager, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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