Home staging with seasonal autumn décor

Home staging with seasonal autumn décor

Home staging with seasonal autumn décor As the sun sets on summer, it’s time to welcome autumn into our home staging themes. With a goal to create a lasting impression on buyers, staging must always be styled for the season. Autumn is upon us, which means warm, rich tones and large florals are making waves in interior design. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging incorporate seasonal design trends into their clients’ homes. Here are five ways you can incorporate seasonal autumn décor into your home staging.

Use large, floral prints in autumn home staging

Home staging typically focuses on using neutral palates. With muted colours, the goal is to appeal to many design tastes among buyers. However, Toronto home staging companies often incorporate pops of colour and patterns to add warmth to a living space. This season, we see large, floral prints pop up in design trends. To use this style, you can add the florals in throw pillows, wall art and bedding. Be sure to use the design as the only pattern in the room. Select key colours from the print to use in accessories, and style the rest of the space with clean, neutrals.

Home staging with a natural theme for the fall

Using natural textures, textiles and elements in your home staging will create warmth. When potential buyers enter your home, they’ll be greeting with cozy elements of nature. This season, rustic textures and surfaces have increased in popularity in home staging. Buyers are attracted to the warmth and natural appeal that they create. Textiles like reclaimed wood furniture bring character to space while remaining neutral. Using warm, natural fabrics in rugs, pillows and accessories can also achieve this look.

Add pops of Burnt orange to your home staging style

Burnt orange is not a colour seen too often in home staging, but it’s making a comeback this season. We’re seeing stylists incorporate dusty, old-fashioned copper into living spaces this fall. This colour is surprisingly easy on the eyes, and simple to style with. Maple accents will add a touch of warmth to any living space, making it perfect for the cooler temperatures. Try incorporating them alongside metallics, greys or darker neutrals such as black or navy. If you need to add a focal point to a room, try statement upholstery in burnt orange or layered burnt orange fabrics in bedding and pillows.

Navy is the new neutral in home staging

When working with neutral palates, Toronto home staging companies will often focus on white, grey and beige colours. However, autumn is all about a new neutral. Navy is popping up everywhere; it’s easy on the eyes and sets a certain mood that’s perfect for welcoming buyers. The colour pairs well with gold, which is a style sticking with us from the spring. If you’re not a huge fan of the darker colour, try adding navy in small bursts here and there.

Bright shapes are taking form this fall

If you’re not incorporating pops of pink or floral in your home, you might want to try bold shapes. When mixed in with your neutral palate, bright, bold shapes create clean lines and a modern flair. Home staging in the fall will see a mixture of geometric patterns with stripes, blocks, checks and polka dots. Key to this style is mixing the shapes among bright colours to create a “wow” factor. This trend works well with throw pillows in the master bedroom or throws cushions in the living space.

Home staging with seasonal autumn décor

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