Prepare for a sale with condo improvements

Prepare for a sale with condo improvements. To upgrade or not? This is the question many homeowners face as they prepare for a sale in Toronto. And while new-build condos are popping up across the city, there’s a fair share of older properties on the market, too. If you’re a condo owner looking to sell […]

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Home staging with seasonal autumn décor

Home staging with seasonal autumn décor As the sun sets on summer, it’s time to welcome autumn into our home staging themes. With a goal to create a lasting impression on buyers, staging must always be styled for the season. Autumn is upon us, which means warm, rich tones and large florals are making waves […]

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Home staging new-build condo in Toronto

Home staging a condo, especially a new, vacant one, is essential to create in creating an impression. New condos in Toronto are being built and sold at a rapid pace. With so much inventory (and demand) it’s important that your new-build condo is styled to stand out. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home […]

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How to find the right home stager in Toronto

How to find the right home stager in Toronto:Today’s modern homeowners are well versed when it comes to real estate. From online news sites to blogs coupled with interior design shows and real estate programming on TV, homeowners are up to speed on the housing market. They know those aesthetics are important, especially when preparing […]

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Home improvement for sale

Home improvement for sale.Having a competitive edge in today’s real-estate market is critical. Buyers are looking for clean, modern and attractive properties. If you’re preparing for a sale, you may be looking at home improvement projects to make your property more attractive. But, before you spend top dollar on a remodel, consider which projects will […]

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Stylish home staging in Toronto

Home staging luxury Toronto properties: First impressions are critical. When you list your home for sale, you’re entering a complex market with many houses like your own. To stand apart, put in time and effort to make your home appealing. Home staging is a marketing tool for real estate agents to make a house more […]

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Home staging luxury properties in Toronto

Home staging in a luxury property in  Toronto should take a buyer’s breath away. When a buyer walks in, they should immediately feel at home in a space that balances both comfort and sophistication. While luxury homes carry a certain weight to them, they still need to be approachable. Balancing these elements is key. Toronto […]

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Home staging, Toronto luxurious master bedroom

Home staging, Toronto luxurious master bedroom is a priority room for home staging. It’s the homeowner’s retreat from the cares of the world and the stress of busy home life. It needs to feel like you’ve stepped into a vacation property. You want buyers to walk in and sigh from their desire for such a […]

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