How to Choose the Perfect Wall Art for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Art for Your Home

Toronto Home Staging companies services Wall Art Have you just moved into your new home and you’ve promised yourself that your decorating skills would be a bit more advanced? Maybe you’re ready to settle into your forever home (or at least a long-time home) and are ready to ditch the basic apartment look. In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the right pieces of wall art for your home, that will ooze bits and pieces of your personality mixed with elegance.

Choose a Piece That Catches Your Eye

It’s no secret that you should love or at least enjoy the piece you purchase. A piece that speaks to you on some level, whether emotionally or aesthetically, is a piece that you’ll want in your home; however, it might not go with everything else. If you’re choosing to pick a bold piece, you’ll want to use it as a focal point in a populated area, or somewhere intimate like your bedroom. After, you’ll want to choose muted pieces that don’t grab the attention from this focal piece.

The Size Absolutely Matters

We’ve heard thousands of times, “size doesn’t matter”, and in some cases this is true; however, it’s not always true when it comes to wall art. A piece that is too large or too small can absolutely ruin the size of a room and the overall vibe. A piece that’s perfectly sized will either create the art as a focal piece or make the wall seem far too plain.

Set Your Heart on a Colour Scheme

If your home’s colour scheme is more muted, you should look into a piece of art that is bold and will act as a focal piece based on the eye-catching colours. You can either use this piece to help warm up the room or cool it down for those that are utilizing tones that are warmer in their furniture and décor.

Don’t Be Afraid of an Expert Opinion

There are plenty of professionals within the industry that is there to help decorate the walls and set the mood within homes. A professional home stager or wall artist selector will allow you to choose the best piece for the size of your furniture and the area of your choosing.

Be Bold, Be You, Be New

If you want to freshen up the décor in your home, you should also switch up the art per season to make it feel warmer and cozier. You should also consider the colour palette of your home before jumping out and buying the boldest piece on the market. More importantly, you should never stray from what you like to cater to those that seldom come over to your home. Be true to what you like.

You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions like, “how often do I have people over? Do I like this more for myself or more as a conversation piece? Is my home décor too much when compared to this piece?” Don’t suffer from any sort of remorse post-purchase, and make sure you love it.


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