Closet Organization Will Sell Your Home Faster

Closet Organization Will Sell Your Home Faster

Home staging Toronto companies Closet Organization Sell Faster like Baraka GTA Home Staging when staging a home, it’s not all about the actual bedroom space; in fact, it’s also about the storage space in the closet. If you thought to throw everything in the closet was going to hide clutter and mess, you’ve been mistaken! Let’s look at some of the best closet organization tips you can find.

Creating a Bright and White Closet

For years, you may have pinned or reblogged beautiful images of organized HGTV-worthy closets, but haven’t noticed one imperative thing about them: their white space. This technique may not always be in the form of colour, and it may be in a construction technique. Clothes that are staying in the closet should be spaced about a half of an inch away from each other. The background of this will provide that white space and gapping that make the closet appear more organized.

Don’t Forget About the Paint

Let’s not forget about paint, as it could change the entire closet without doing anything at all. Update your closet with a corresponding colour of paint that flows with your master bedroom. Make sure it’s not a random splash of colour that has nothing to do with the colour palette outside in the bedroom. The bigger the closet, the more important this is.

Hangers Make the Difference

Clothes hangers truly make the difference. If you’re using a bunch of random styles or random colours in your hanger, it will deplete the closet of that created negative space and cause an adverse reaction subconsciously to the potential buyer. Your closet could be the cleanest in the world, and could still be “blah” because of mismatched hangers or ones that are breaking. If you’re uninterested in coordinating colours, choose neutrals like beige, black, or white.

Never Display Dirty or Dingy Clothes

Before we give you a diploma for graduating in “closet organization for selling a home”, we want to let you know that you shouldn’t ever put dingy clothes on display. Sure, they may be newly washed, but their age and their appearance from being worn may deter the buyer from looking at the important areas of the closet.

Nice Items First – Always!

With the aforementioned being said, you should always display your cleanest and nicest pieces first – whether they’re clothes or accessory pieces like belts and jewelry. You’ll want to clear away any items that you don’t need, don’t want others seeing, or find that they don’t have a place.

Remove Any Dry-Cleaning Bags

Another aspect that ruins the “white space” you’ve created is dry-cleaning bags. They’re messy and create the illusion of extra volume within the closet. Remove and you’ll automatically see a difference in how big the closet appears.

Personal Items Won’t Work – Even in this Intimate Space

You should never hang up your personal items to show off when you’re re-organizing a closet space. While they may be your taste or sentimental to you, this isn’t the case for every potential buyer that walks into your bedroom.

Decorative Touches Transform the Space

Whether you have a large walk-in closet or not, adding small touches like neutral artwork, antique books with bookends or flowers on a stunning vanity pull together any room.

Hang Canvas Shelves When Construction Fails

Not everyone has the luxury of having built-in shelves, and this is where creativity and accessories come into play. Purchase canvas shelves that hang, and create a minimalistic appearance within your closet.

Hanging Accessories with Inexpensive Hooks

Transform your closet even further by using hooks to hang trendy (and neutral) handbags or minimalistic pieces of jewelry. Doing so can incorporate inexpensive techniques for decorating.


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