Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

When you think of Feng Shui interiors, you likely picture a calm, serene environment. For this reason, Feng Shui and home staging have a lot in common when it comes to creating a welcoming space for buyers. A clean, harmonious house with minimal clutter and a positive flow of energy will enable buyers to feel at home, leaving them with a lasting impression of your listing. If you’re preparing your home for sale, consider implementing some of the Feng Shui home staging tips outlined below. These practices are being used by some of the top Toronto home staging companies for quicker sales at premium prices.

What is Feng Shui?

Pronounced “fung shway,” this ancient Chinese philosophy related to interior design is gaining popularity in home staging. The term translates directly into the wind (Feng) and water (Shui), focusing on how to optimize energy (chi) in the home through furniture placement. By balancing items with positive and negative energy, you can create an atmosphere that supports your health, creativity and prosperity.

The practice of Feng Shui takes many years to master. Below are some basic interior design strategies that you can implement in home staging to achieve energy balance in Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging.

Feng Shui Starts at the Front Door

Like most home staging projects, creating a lasting first impression starts by creating a grand entrance to welcome buyers. Energy enters the home through the front door, so invite it in with a clear path that’s not blocked by bushes or shrubs. You can place plants on either side of the entrance, but be sure the leaves are round, not sharp or pointy. Water features and wind chimes can help to enhance the energy at the entrance, while any mirrors placed in your foyer will deflect it. If your foyer has a bathroom, keep the door shut as toilets and drains take energy away.

Kitchen with Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

One of the most important elements of Feng Shui focuses on clean, clear spaces. This is why decluttering is important in every room, but especially the kitchen which is a focal point in every home. Clean off your countertops completely and accessorize them minimally with the following Feng Shui tips for home staging:

  • Food signifies wealth and abundance in Feng Shui, so place a bowl of fruit on the counter. Lemons are preferred because yellow is a colour that represents improved digestion.
  • Avoid using watery colours like blue and black in any kitchen artwork or accessories as they will counter-balance the fire element.
  • Sharp items and cleaning items like mops and trash bins create negative energy and should be stored out of sight.

Create a Spa-like Bathroom Retreat

A calm, neutral bathroom will create the energy balance that Feng Shui favours. Ensure any clutter and counter accessories are stored away. That towels and linens are soft, fresh and neutral in colour. Since bathrooms already have a strong water element, avoid using watery colours pictures of waterfalls and ocean scenes. Objects from the earth will enhance the natural energy in the room so consider a small vase of seashells or a round-leafed plant to accessorize the space.

Home Staging a Relaxing Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is a space for healing and rejuvenation. Any furniture that focuses on work such as desks, exercise equipment and electronics should be stored away. As you prepare for a sale because they counteract healing energies. Bed placement is important for optimal energy, so avoid having it face a door or bathroom. Feng Shui also requires a bed to be lifted high off the floor with no clutter underneath to promote optimal energy flow.

Furniture Placement for Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

In your living spaces, home staging with Feng Shui should involve softening the corners of your furniture. Any shelving or bookcases with sharp corners are said to cut energy like a knife, so soften these items by placing cheerful accessories or plants with rounded leaves at the end. Avoid placing large furniture items like a TV unit in front of your window, which will block energy. Instead, ensure your furniture is backed by a solid wall and faces the entrance of each room. If you see the back of the sofa when you enter, Feng Shui says this will bounce the energy away, so place a long table behind your sofa to hide its backside.

Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging

Homes with optimal energy circulation are said to improve the well-being of those who live there. Feng Shui in Toronto Home Staging. That’s why Feng Shui is rising in popularity among Toronto home staging companies as a means to improve the impression that each space makes among buyers. If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance in home staging with Feng Shui, contact Baraka GTA Home Staging. Our professional team will ensure your space makes buyers feel at home by using lighting, furniture and accessories from our immaculate. Premium selection. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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