Interior Design Tips to Make Any Space in a Toronto Home Look Bigger

Interior Design Tips to Make Any Space in a Toronto Home Look Bigger

Interior Design Tips to Make Any Space in a Toronto Home Look Bigger

When you’re preparing for a sale in Toronto’s busy real estate market, it’s essential that your listing stands out. If you have a small space, it can be tough to make an impression. The area is at a premium in the city, and buyers want to see Toronto homes that balance function with style. By using interior design tips in your home staging, you can make any space appear larger.

Here are six interior design tips for home staging to help your Toronto home look more prominent.

1. Select clear furniture

Wooden furniture sets, especially in dark colours, look bulky in a small space. Your espresso coffee table might match your TV console and end tables, but they’re weighing down your living room. Consider home staging with glass tables and acrylic desks that disappear in a place. These will trick the eye into seeing more space instead of bulky furniture. The function is not lost, however, as these pieces still provide a stylish surface for eating and working.

2. Reflect with mirrors

Mirrors will reflect the room creating an expanded view and the illusion of a larger space. In-home staging, mirrors are also used to reflect light, which will add brightness to your small area. If possible, hang mirrors opposite from a window to let the most light in. Mirrored furniture has a similar effect on the bright pieces mentioned above. They make any room feel bigger by not cluttering the space with heavy wooden furniture.

3. Don’t clutter the corners

When you can’t see the edges of a room, it can be hard to see its full size. That’s why home staging focuses on keeping corners clear. Resist the temptation to place shelves, lamps or other items in the corner. Key to home staging is keeping some spaces empty. It’s not necessary to fill every square inch of wall space with furniture and accessories. Instead, pull some of your furniture away from the walls to create groupings that focus inward.

4. Install diagonal flooring

Home staging doesn’t always involve new floors. However, some homeowners plan to redo their levels as they prepare for a sale. Whether you install hardwood, laminate or tiles, keep this tip in mind. A diagonal offers the longest line in a room. Aligning your floors on this line can make it feel larger. When the levels are squared off with the walls, a place can feel like it’s closing in. When laid on a diagonal, buyers will think they’re standing in a bigger space.

5. Choose long drapes

Long, flowy drapes are back in style and being used in home staging. Blinds tend to be dull and make a room dark. Since light is essential to make a small space appear larger, drapes are the answer. They can be pulled back before a showing to let the light in. Long drapes also help to elongate a room. Flowy fabrics are airy and light, and won’t weigh down space.

6. Clear the clutter

A clean home is a show-ready home, regardless of size. Too many accessories can clutter much-needed space that you’re trying to showcase. Removing these items is essential in home staging to make the smallest spaces appear larger. Eliminate loose items and furniture that aren’t needed as you prepare for a sale. You can place these items in storage until after your move. Your space will be clean, airy and attractive to buyers.

Interior Design Tips to Make Any Space in a Toronto Home Look Bigger. Homes that have been staged to appear larger will attract more buyers and better offers. That’s why Toronto home staging companies are making smart choices with lighting, furniture and accessories to improve each space. If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance in home staging a small home, contact Baraka GTA Home Staging. Our professional team will ensure your space makes buyers feel at home by using lighting, furniture and accessories from our immaculate, premium selection. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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