Top 5 home renovations for a quick sale in Toronto

Top 5 home renovations for a quick sale in Toronto

Top 5 home renovations for a quick sale in Toronto

Home renovations can increase the value of your home. For most Canadians, houses tend to be their biggest investment. So when it comes time to sell, it’s key to present that property in its best light to achieve the biggest return. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging strive to make homes attractive to potential buyers. Here are five home renovations with the biggest payoff when it comes to achieving a quick sale in Toronto.

Paint your home for a fresh look

The first step in any home renovation project involves paint. We all know that a clean home is a show-ready home. So, after you’ve scrubbed and cleaned your house, it’s time for a fresh coat of interior paint. Using a soft, neutral colour will brighten and freshen up your entire house and create a neutral backdrop for furniture, art and accessories.

Remodel your kitchen on a budget

Kitchens are the new heart of any home. As the main gathering place for homeowners and guests alike, buyers are looking for a cozy and current kitchen in their new home. A fresh kitchen could also be the differentiator that gets buyers an offer over asking price.

Minor kitchen facelifts can often generate as much of a return on investment as a full remodel. When undergoing home renovations to prepare for a sale, consider painting your cabinets or replacing the door fronts. This is significantly cheaper than replacing the cabinetry altogether. You can also replace outdated countertops and hardware without tearing out all of your cabinets, or breaking the bank. Replacing outdated appliances with modern, stainless steel versions is a considerable expense for many homeowners, but will go a long way in showcasing a modern kitchen to prospective buyers.

Upgrade the exterior of your home

First impressions are critical in home sales. When a buyer pulls up to your house for a showing or open house, they will make a judgement call about whether they go inside. If your home doesn’t present a clean, fresh and welcoming exterior, buyers might pass on by.

Home renovations outdoors don’t have to cost a lot. Painting your front door will less than $200 and can go a long way in creating a warm welcome. Some homes could also benefit from a facelift outdoors with a thorough power washing. Small landscaping investments will also add up, such as mulching, trimming shrubs and planting colourful flowers that are in season.

Renovate an outdated bathroom

Next to kitchens, bathrooms make a big impact. Buyers expect to be welcomed into a spa-like retreat in a bathroom. Renovating an outdated bathroom as part of your home renovation is essential to creating a wow-factor among buyers.

Simple home renovations include re-grouting tile, replacing old caulking and even upgrading the toilet to a water-efficient model. You can add elements of luxury to a bathroom by replacing the mirror and old light fixtures.

Fix any flawed flooring in a home renovation

Installing new carpet or flooring makes an instant impact when a buyer walks in. Floors are one of the first elements of a home to get noticed. This is especially true for when they’re brand new. Buyers will immediately notice a brand new floor, in the same way they will notice an old, ugly carpet.

Buyers recognize the value in hardwood flooring. While it’s an added home renovation cost for sellers, they’ll be able to recoup the majority of the cost in a sale. Most buyers have a preference for turn-key properties that are move-in ready. A fresh, new floor is one items that buyers can cross off their list if you do the home renovation for them in advance.

Top 5 home renovations for a quick sale in Toronto

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