What to expect during a Toronto home remodeling job

What to expect during a Toronto home remodeling job

What to expect during a Toronto home remodeling job

Home remodeling is a great way to upgrade your house. Whether you’re adding new home features or completely updating the space, you can likely expect a return on your investment when it comes time to sell. But home remodeling comes with some disruptions. Knowing what to anticipate can help many home-owners to prepare for the project and make advance preparations. If you’re taking on a Toronto home remodeling job, here’s what you can expect.

Plan for a lengthy remodel

Many homeowners will agree that most home remodeling jobs take longer than they planned for. Even a contractor’s best estimates can be thrown off at times. Depending on the job, poor weather could impact the schedule. Materials could also arrive late, or other unexpected issues could come up that will delay the project.

When you and your contractor come up with the initial timeline for a project, always add an extra 15 percent in your head. This will help to allocate additional time for any unforeseen events, especially those that will delay your project’s completion.

Contain the dust during a home remodelling job

One of the most frustrating issues with a home remodelling job is the resulting dust. Unfortunately, dust is able to permeate. Even if your remodel is many rooms away, dust will find its way throughout the house. While it can be difficult to stop dust from being created, it’s possible to confine it.

Hang plastic sheets in doorways to limit the dust that enters certain rooms. You can also drape sheeting over cabinets and furniture to prevent dust from settling inside. Also, if you vacuum around the construction area, you will be able to limit the amount of dust and debris that gets tracked throughout the home.

Be prepared for a noisy environment

Certain home remodelling jobs will come with lots of noise. If you work from home or have young children, this can be especially frustrating. While it may not be possible for you to completely relocate for the duration of the project, make yourself aware of when the noise is expected to occur.

Planning for short periods of noise will give you time to make alternate arrangements during those stretches. For example, if you know that cabinetry demolition is taking place tomorrow morning, you can make plans to be elsewhere during that time. Keep an open line of communication with your contractor to be aware of peak noise periods and plan outings for you and your family while it takes place.

Consider the unexpected costs of a home remodelling job

Much like unexpected time delays, a home remodelling job can often come with unexpected costs. Reputable contractors will always do their best to stick to the budget that was discussed. However, homeowners should always anticipate additional expenses.

Unfortunately, remodelling often leads to unplanned issues that need to be remedied. Or, you could see an item finished and want to change direction. Regardless of the circumstance, homeowners should plan to have a contingency fund set aside of additional expenses that may come up during a home remodelling job.

Keep calm during any disruptions

As a homeowner, home remodelling jobs will create many disruptions to your routine. Even if you’re not completing the work yourself, you can still expect to feel some amount of stress. From making large renovation decisions to dealing with dust, costs and interruptions, it’s normal to feel anxious during the project.

Recognizing that the home remodelling job is only temporary can help you to keep calm. Also, keeping in mind the end result and the increased value to your home helps many homeowners to remain positive. But any feelings of stress that you feel during the disruption are normal, and you’re not alone in those feelings.

What to expect during a Toronto home remodelling job

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