Home staging a grand entrance way

Home staging a grand entrance way

With home staging a grand entrance way, you have one chance to make an impression when buyers enter your home. If buyers are intrigued by your entryway, they’ll be eager to see the rest of your space. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging use the following home-staging tips to add impact to any entrance-way.

Staging the foyer will help you make that all important great first impression to buyers as they walk through your door. If potential buyers like what they see in the front entry, they’ll be excited to see the rest of your home! Home staging the foyer is that necessary step that needs to be made to attract buyers to the rest of your home. According to the principles of feng shui, you must create a positive landing place for energy inside the main entry. The main entry needs to welcome and direct the flow of energy into the house, rather than push it away or weaken it. If you ascribe to feng shui interior home design, you already know that the foyer is one of the most important rooms in your house.


Organize and declutter the space

Typically, the foyer is where people leave items as they enter the house, such as shoes, bags and coats. Assess what you need to make your foyer look welcoming and organized. Donate furniture that is too large or outdated. Next, buy only the necessary organizational items such as baskets, cubbies, hooks and shelves where there is room. Use low shelving for shoes, and hooks for coats and bags. Remember that you are organizing a tidy space for buyers, not your family. Create a vignette with baskets or bowls, (for keys or mail) flowers, collections, vases, etc. See the art of accessorizing for more home design ideas. If buyers are tripping over a flotsam of shoes in the front entry, they’ll assume that the rest of the house is just as disorganized and be lacking in storage.

Select a neutral paint colour

Choose a colour for your entrance that matches your home, and flows with the rooms. Earthy and natural tones create a calming entry. Bold paint colours may turn buyers away as they think about repainting. Limit paint colours for home staging to the tones mentioned above, or warm shades of white. Take down outdated wallpaper to keep buyers interested, too.

Decide on a focal point

Some homes will already have a great focal point, like a chandelier or grand staircase that entices buyers. If so, stage your foyer to focus on this item. If you need to create your own focal point, try one of these home-staging tips:

  • Replace outdated lighting with a new, eye-catching light fixture.
  • Hang mirror, clock or piece of artwork on a focal wall.
  • Lay a modern area rug in the entryway for warmth and texture.
  • Place a tall leafy floor plant in a corner.
  • Place a warm, beautiful rug in the entry.
  • Smaller focal points can be made by creating a vignette on a console tabletop or shelf.
  • If your foyer has a nearby powder room, be sure to keep the door closed during home viewings!
  • Antique bedroom dresser, or console with drawers against a wall.
  • Hang a large mirror or painting above it, and place a lamp on top.

Purchase a foyer table for home-staging

A foyer table can transform the look of your entry. It’s not only stylish but it can personalize a room and make it inviting. A small foyer can benefit from a console table with storage options. A foyer table does not need to be big and lavish. A simple and elegant one works well for small spaces. It adds organization and displays usefulness in busy family areas. Stage the table with simple art and accessories, like a small lamp or fresh bouquet. If your foyer is a narrow passageway with absolutely no room for furniture, mount a shelf on the wall (not deeper than 5-6” so people don’t bang their shoulders against it). Place a mirror above it to visually widen the passageway.

Entryway Bench Create Personality in home staging a grand entranceway

It can function as a place to remove and put on shoes, a storage area, or a décor object. It softens the foyer and creates a welcoming entry for guests. If your space is too small for an entryway bench, get a console table and two ottomans. Place the Ottomans on each side of the table. Potential buyers can sit on them when they come for showings.

Bring in natural lighting

Natural lighting is important during the daytime for a welcoming foyer. A well-lit foyer with artificial lighting at night is essential for nighttime showings. Good lighting makes a foyer feel safe; buyers can see the interior as soon as they walk in the door. Great lighting also ensures buyers don’t fumble in the dark. Light fixtures make a foyer look bigger and add personality. If your foyer is small and you can’t add overhead lighting, add table lamps or sconces. Pick energy-efficient bulbs as they will last longer. For a small foyer, use a mirror(s) to visually expand the space and bounce light around.


A lovely foyer tells home buyers, “Come in! Stay awhile.” If your entryway needs dressing up, implement these staging tips. You’ll be sure to wow every buyer. If you need expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a home stager. For a professional Toronto home staging company, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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