Home staging the perfect powder room and Bathroom

Home staging the perfect powder room and Bathroom

As one of the smallest rooms, home staging a powder room can be inexpensive. With minimal costs, your powder room can achieve style and character to complement the rest of your home. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging use the following home-staging tips to stage a powder room on a budget.

Keep it clean

This tip is first and most important. Clean, polish, wash, shine, dust and then do it all over again. Make sure that the bathroom looks and smells clean.

  • Remove any used bath mats, furry toilet seat covers and crocheted toilet roll covers.Not only do these items retain odours; they are also dated.
  • Select a soft, solid neutral paint colour or subtle wall pattern for a clean look.

Towels and linens

Toronto home staging companies use white towels when staging bathrooms. A plush, white towel set presents a powder room that is serene, spa-like and inviting to buyers. You can’t go wrong with white textiles, such as:

  • Towels
  • Floor mats

Accessorize the space

The majority of powder rooms are fewer than 40 square feet, but home stagers can still make these small spaces attractive. Be sure to remove your personal toiletries and use decorative ones when home staging.

Here’s how to accessorize your bathroom:

  • A wastebasket and simple accessories near the sink/vanity.
  • A plant, if natural light is available, or silk floral arrangement.
  • A bowl of potpourri.
  • Mount shelves above the toilet to hold small flowers and other simple, decorative items.
  • A candle or room diffuser.

Use subtle fragrances

Candles, air fresheners and potpourri can add a nice aroma to the room, but don’t add too much. Some buyers may be sensitive to certain scents. Only use subtle fragrances in staging to ensure your home is a welcome space for all buyers.

Staging style for the powder room and other bathrooms

Consider a theme that you want to achieve in the room, and how to make a statement. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Place a small lamp on the vanity for instant appeal. A little light can add so much ambiance.
  • When adding artwork to stage a home for sale, don’t forget the bathroom.
  • Picture your powder room as a spa retreat. Calm and cool tones on the walls set the mood for a peaceful experience.
  • A master bathroom is a luxury.It’s a room where you can have candles, natural elements, and brand new linens to remind one of a spa.

The powder room maybe your home’s smallest space. But, presenting a bathroom like a spa with clean towels, accessories, light candles and artwork will attract buyers’ attention.

If your powder room needs dressing up, implement these budget-friendly home-staging tips. With our years of experience, having staged numerous homes throughout GTA, we understand what buyers are looking for. If you need expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a home stager to contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494. Baraka GTA Home staging Toronto companies: We offer fast and low-cost services and free consultations for real estate agents, builders and sellers.


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