How to improve your house for sale with home staging

How to improve your house for sale with home staging

How to improve your house for sale with home staging: Increasing the value of your home before you sell has many benefits. Your house will likely sell faster and for a higher price. There are cost-efficient ways to improve the value of your home as you prepare for a sale. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging focus on renovations, repairs and cleaning/decluttering to improve a house for sale.


Smart renovations will make your home more marketable

If you’re having trouble selling your home or are looking for a fast sale, consider cost-efficient home improvements. Minor renovations can go a long way in increasing your home value.

  • If you have a finished loft or basement, this can be converted into a functional space. Home staging an additional bedroom or den will add the most value to a property.
  • Outdated kitchens and bathrooms can turn buyers away. A complete remodel might not be feasible, but these rooms have the greatest impact on buyers. Consider small projects to update these rooms. Purchase modern hardware, replace outdated lighting, paint the walls a neutral colour, reface cabinets and install new faucets.

Minor repairs will have a significant impact on your sale

In contrast to renovations, many low-cost fixes can have a significant impact on the final selling price of your home.

  • Ensure your roofs and eaves troughs are in good condition. Buyers will judge the structural quality of the home based on the roof.
  • A fresh coat of paint inside instantly creates a clean, neutral look that buyers will recognize.
  • Buyers prefer hardwood floors versus carpeting. Inexpensive vinyl or laminate can achieve the look many buyers are after. For existing hardwood, focus on refinishing them to eliminate stains and bring back their original luster.
  • Check your bathroom fixtures, and reseal any ill-fitting features. Every bathroom in your home, including the powder room, should feel like a safe retreat for buyers.
  • Faucets that drip or leak are a sign of a home that isn’t maintained. These can be repaired for minimal cost prior to a showing.
  • Minor repairs such as installing new light switches or door handles can have a large impact on the appearance and value of your home.

Cleaning and de-cluttering are integral to home staging

A clean home is a show-ready home. To make your property appeal to buyers, strive to create for an inviting atmosphere where they can envision living.

  • Eliminate pet odours and arrange for pets to be out of the house during any showings. Also, avoid smoking inside your home when preparing for a sale.
  • If you didn’t use all of your furniture in home staging, don’t hide it in the garage or basement. Instead, put it in storage until after the sale.
  • Clean your home from top to bottom, or hire professional cleaners. Buyers will look in every nook and cranny to judge the cleanliness or a home.
  • Clean and tend to the exterior front of your home. A buyer’s first impression starts at the curb, so ensure you achieve optimal curb appeal. This involves gardens, lighting and landscaping.
  • The key to home staging is to present your listing in its best light. Proper lighting makes a house feel warm, inviting and open. Homebuyers will appreciate the bright, airy space. Ensure your windows are clean, blinds and curtains are open, and all light bulbs are working.

If you need expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a home stager. At Baraka GTA Home Staging, professional team will work with you to understand the needs of the buyer. We leave a lasting impression by using space, lighting and furniture from our immaculate premium selection. We like to create a story in each space, by allowing buyers to envision their lives truly in their new home. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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