Home staging mirror placement

Home staging mirror placement

Toronto Home staging services mirror placement for real estate: A well-placed mirror can expand and brighten any room. Whether leaning against a wall or hung as art, mirrors should display an attractive reflection. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging use mirrors of all shapes and sizes. An interesting architectural feature can be reflected and give balance to a room. Wherever you intend to hang a mirror, be sure the view is something worthy of reflection. A mirror opposite a window will reflect a lovely outdoor setting and give the illusion of a second window. Here’s how to use mirrors throughout the house in home staging.

Home Staging Grand entrance

Hanging a mirror or two in your foyer sets the stage for a welcoming space when buyers first enter your home. Mirrors will reflect natural lighting in the daytime to brighten the space. Also, hanging a mirror on a focal wall of your foyer will draw a buyer’s eyes where you want them to go.

Larger mirrors can be expensive, especially with all the other costs in preparing your home for sale. For a cheaper option, purchase smaller mirrors with frames of the same colour. Then, group them to create the same effect, without clutter. A lovely arrangement of fresh flowers will look lovely, twice, when reflected in the mirror!

Brighten hallways

Using mirrors in home staging is just one way to brighten a dimly lit space. In a dark hallway, you can hang many small or medium mirrors to direct a buyer’s eye through space. As you hang each mirror, ensure the reflection a buyer will see is appealing. Avoid placing mirrors where you will reflect a closet door or other fixture. A mirror opposite a window will reflect a lovely outdoor setting and give the illusion of a second window.

Home staging beautiful reflections in your living space

In the formal living or dining room, hang a large rectangular mirror to reflect your front yard and any flowers or landscaping. If your living space lacks windows, mirrors can help create the same effect. Hanging a large mirror adds dimension. Even if you cannot use them to see outside, mirrors break up wall space in an eye-catching way. If you hang a mirror in a room, you will be adding a basic accessory and necessity.

In most homes, the fireplace is usually the focal point of a room. You can add more emphasis to it by placing a beautifully framed mirror above the mantel. This will help to enlarge the space and reflect the unique furniture, art and accessories in the space.

Home Staging mirror placement Enlarge your master suite

When a home is staging a master bedroom, the goal is to create a retreat that buyers where buyers can envision a peaceful escape. By leaning a mirror against a wall, you can make even the smallest master suite look bigger and brighter.

A full-length mirror is a must for any interior design bedroom! In a small space where you cannot hang a mirror, try mounting them on storage cabinets and closet doors instead. Mirrors also add function to a bedroom for getting dressed, styling your hair and other tasks. Be sure you install the mirror with enough room in front to be able to stand back really.

Bathroom Mirrors necessity

Mirrors are essential when staging a bathroom. Work with different shapes and sizes above the sink or vanity in a small powder room.  In the master bathroom, hang a mirror that runs the length of the countertop in a nice frame. If you have a really small bath, you might consider hanging another framed mirror over the bathtub. It can help to make a small bath look larger.

If you have a freestanding bathtub, add a full-length stand-alone mirror at its back. The reflection of the bathtub will visually add space to your bathroom. Moreover, much like in the bedroom.


Home staging mirror Placement in Feng Shui

  • Place square & rectangle shapes for balance; Octagonal shapes for power; Circular shapes for unity
  • Clean mirrors ensure a clear image.
  • Hang high enough to see your entire head; no chopped heads.


With mirrors, balance is key. They should direct a buyer’s eye to what you want them to see, not distract them from what they are buying. A mirror can be strictly functional or the focal point in a room. Whichever it is, it will provide light, beauty, illusion, and convenience to your home. If you need expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a home stager. For a professional Toronto home staging company, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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