The Kitchen is the New Focal Point in Home Staging

The Kitchen is the New Focal Point in Home Staging

The kitchen is the Focal Point in Toronto Home Staging companies.Look in any magazine in Toronto or watch any home decorating show and you’ll see that the primary focal point of a home is not the living room or family den anymore – it’s the kitchen. People love to eat and no longer are they ashamed of showing it. They dream of working in a beautiful space that they spend most of their time in with their family, and they want to have the best upgrades possible.

Whether they use countertops that are composed of engineered stone, or the highest-quality appliances that’ll be able to bake anything their heart desires, potential buyers want a fabulous kitchen that’s already completed, not one that they have to imagine. Before renovating your current home to today’s quality kitchen standards, check out the competition around your area and look at the kitchens of homes that are up for sale. Questions you’ll want to keep in mind are:

  • Are they upgraded?
  • What does this kitchen offer that yours doesn’t?
  • How does their price reflect on yours?

While we all want the most beautiful kitchen, whether for us or for the potential buyer, not all of us can afford that. There are quite a few cost-efficient techniques you can utilize to create a kitchen that screams, “wow!” when potential home buyers walk through the archway.

Cost Efficient Kitchen Renovation Methods

You don’t have to throw out those old cabinets, you just need to spice them up a bit! Many of the older cabinets are more structurally sound then some of the ones in newer renovated homes, so you may only have to sand, paint, and finish in order to get that luxurious feel – plus, you’ll save thousands by opting for this DIY method.

Make sure to choose colours that aren’t an acquired taste, and choose a palette that harmonizes well with the entirety of the home. Whites, off-whites, and creamy colours tend to be the best choices for cabinet painting. Don’t forget that you’ll also have to paint ALL types of matching cabinetry in your kitchen, whether pantry space or not. The aforementioned allows you to have a cohesive vibe that isn’t patchy.

You shouldn’t ever forget about the handles, either, as they are the accessories in your kitchen. Old and clunky handles can make the entire kitchen look dated, despite your best efforts in painting. Don’t let those renovation efforts go to waste – spend a little to make the kitchen look that much luxurious.

Mismatching appliances are also a huge no-no when it comes to selling and renovating your home. Those that are old and laminated may have discoloration and cracks, which are huge “gross” turn-offs to potential buyers. You’ll want to upgrade these to match and use the money you saved from cabinets to do so.

Other things to look at:

Granite – Because of the popularity of the appearance of granite, it’s becoming more cost-efficient, but not as efficient as faux options. While marble and other materials can cost more money, granite still gives a fabulous look of luxury. Make sure you choose a tone or palette that’s wildly popular (like grays, whites, etc.) and not a color that’s an acquired taste to others (yellows, purple, bold greens).

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