How to mix and match patterns in home staging

How to mix and match patterns in home staging

How to mix and match patterns in home staging

Patterns are a home staging tool that makes an ordinary space extraordinary. While we often work with a neutral palate in home staging, it’s important to add pops of colour as a finishing touch. Patterns can work the same way but require a bit more balance. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging seek inspiration from modern interior design trends to make their styles more attractive to buyers. Here are some tips for incorporating patterns into your home staging designs to ensure there is a balance of colours and textures.

Begin with a clear concept

The first step to working with patterns in home staging is starting with a clean, neutral space. Neutral colours like white, grey and cream provide a simple background to work within each room. When the paint, countertops and furniture are neutral, you can easily add pops of patterns in the art and accessories. This will create depth in your space. Also, prints will have more of a visual impact on a neutral background than they would in an overly cluttered, colourful space.

Build around one bold pattern

One of the easiest ways to work with patterns in home staging is to start with just one bold print. For example, a rug with a thick stripe could be a starting point. Or, a focal wall with a bright patterned wallpaper could form your base. Then, you can build upon this pattern with other neutral prints. You may want to try gingham, florals and even small dots.

Key to layering these with the original bold print is working within the same colour scheme and keeping it natural. In home staging, shades of brown, cream and beige can make prints more calming and give buyers’ eyes a place to rest. Too many bold prints in too many colours can make a room feel chaotic. The goal of home staging is to create a welcoming environment, so ensure you only use one bold print to avoid too much distraction.

Use solid colours to soften patterns

Patterns add excitement to home staging. But, too many patterns in a small space is unnatural. As you add art and accessories, be sure to incorporate some solid colours as well. Draw inspiration from colours in your prints and add pillows, throws and other accessories in these shades.

When many patterns are placed side by side in home staging, it can create a busy look that turns off buyers. Instead, break up the prints with solids. So, if you’re placing cushions on the sofa, alternate a printed one with a solid. The same suggestion applies for accessories placed side by sides such as vases, artwork and other decorations.

Blend similar patterns in home staging

If you’re new to using patterns, it can be easier to match prints that are similar. For example, you could start with a floral pattern that is blue and white in a larger area like a focal wall, bedding or sofa. Then, add in softer blue and white florals in the accessories.

In home staging, three is the most patterns that you should mix in a single room. Key to blending patterns is mixing their scale. This means that not every pattern should have a large print. So, if you start with a large floral pattern, ensure the next print is smaller in scale and more subdued, if possible.

Keep patterns in the same family

Patterns will quickly add excitement to any room. We mentioned that too many patterns can turn buyers away. Key to this in home staging is ensuring that any blend of patterns remains in the same design family.

For example, in an Asian inspired room, stick to patterns that originate from this region. Adding a paisley print or polka dot with fine Asian florals may seem unnatural. In home staging, cohesion is important to create a functional flow from room to room. Once you determine the style you want to work with, ensure you carry it through each space instead of trying to awkwardly combine too many styles.

How to mix and match patterns in home staging

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