5 bathroom renovation ideas to consider for a sale in Toronto

5 bathroom renovation ideas to consider for a sale in Toronto

5 bathroom renovation ideas to consider for a sale in Toronto

Believe it or not, bathroom renovations can help sell your home. When buyers attend showings, they’re looking for home features that match their lifestyle. Even though bathrooms are small, they are one of the most-used rooms in a house. They’re also space where many of us escape to for a retreat. As you prepare for a sale in Toronto, consider some of these bathroom renovation trends that will welcome buyers into a spa-like space.

Introduce a neutral palette

A neutral colour palette in your home will welcome the majority of buyers. If your bathrooms feature bold colours or bright wallpaper, it’s time for a change. For the sake of your sale, introduce neutral colours. A white bathroom always shows well when properly accessorized, and will also brighten the room. Pale blues or greens can add serenity to space when coupled with white accents.

In a room where cleanliness is key, don’t overlook any small details in your bathroom renovation. If you’re taking the effort to repaint, ensure you tackle doors, trim, moulding and even the ceiling as well.

Focus on water efficiency

If you live in an older home, it might be time to upgrade your fixtures. As you replace faucets and toilets in your bathroom renovation, consider water-efficient options. This is especially important for toilets that are more than 15 years old. High-efficiency toilets can save upwards of 4,000 gallons of water each year.

Fancy shower heads and faucets can enhance the spa-like features of any bathroom. When shopping for fixtures as part of your bathroom renovation, look for smart options. High-efficiency showerheads can use less than two gallons of water per minute. Faucets can reduce the flow of water by 30 percent. If you install any water-efficient options, be sure these are noted in your listing for buyers.

Refinish the floor

You can immediately transform your bathroom renovation with a new floor. For many bathrooms, this can be a fairly affordable task given the small space. But, be sure to keep moisture resistance in mind.

Many retailers now offer a variety of water-resistant vinyl floors with a natural wood finish. In a powder room, you might be able to get away with natural hardwood. But, in a full bathroom, stick with flooring that will withstand water and humidity. If the room has a tub or shower, avoid wood, bamboo and laminate.

Improve ventilation

Enhancing the ventilation system in your bathrooms has the potential to create a wow factor with buyers. Surprisingly many homes, especially older properties, still don’t have fans in place. Buyers will be looking to ensure that moisture and mould are not an issue. Adding ventilation to your bathroom renovation can enhance air quality and comfort.

Similar to water efficiency upgrades, be sure to note any ventilation improvements in your listing.

Let the light in

Illuminating your bathroom can help even the smallest spaces to appear larger. Energy-efficient light bulbs are an affordable option that will brighten the space and reduce energy use. Vanity lighting, mirrored accents and shower fixtures are integral to any bathroom renovation. Buyers will also appreciate accent lighting along with modern fixtures that highlight any architectural elements in the space.

If you can afford additional features, skylights and glass blocks will let the most light in while also maintaining privacy.

5 bathroom renovation ideas to consider for a sale in Toronto

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