Prepare for a home sale with smart basement renovations

Prepare for a home sale with smart basement renovations

Prepare for a home sale with smart basement renovations.

Homeowners are always looking for new ways to add value to their house. This is important now more than ever given the competitive real estate market in Toronto. Adding space to any home is ideal, and will quickly increase its value. But not every house lends itself to expansion. This is why so many homeowners are working with space they have in the basement. The following smart basement renovations will add value to your home if you’re preparing for a sale.

Brighten your basement with natural light

As part of a structural renovation, plan for adding windows and doors. The majority of basements are below grade, meaning natural light is at a minimum. However, when it’s time to sell, new homeowners will appreciate any added light. Natural light and windows go a long way in making a basement feel like it’s part of the house. Before you add them in yourself, ensure that a professional contractor has reviewed your structural capacity.

Focus on appropriate flooring in basement renovations

Not every type of flooring is suitable for below-grade basements. Solid wood should never be used as basement flooring. Why? Even the slightest amount of moisture can cause wooden floorboards to split and buckle. You may be able to install your own flooring elsewhere in the house. But, when it comes to basements, consult with a professional to ensure that your floor with withstand the elements.

Save space for storage

Basements are the new hangout space in any home. From movie rooms to playrooms, bars and billiards, they’re a great space for families and entertaining. Before you create a fun space, consider functionality. Storage will always be a premium in any home. It’s also a large consideration for home-buyers. As you plan your basement renovations, be sure to plan for additional closets, built-in shelving and other storage solutions. Future buyers will appreciate the extra space to stow away holiday decorations, tools and other items.

Plan for an open concept space

If you’re renovating your basement only to prepare for a sale, you need to keep home-buyers in mind. Since your basement renovations will be for an unknown buyer, you never know what they will use the space for. Instead of ciphering off several rooms, consider an open concept. A wide open space is an “anything” space. Your new buyers will be able to customize the basement any way they wish. This will make your home move-in ready, instead of leaving buyers worried about redoing your renovation.

Disguise unsightly bulkheads

Basements are a space that fuels the rest of the house. From furnaces to electrical work, plumbing and more, the majority of mechanical work is housed here. The majority of these items can be hidden behind drywall and doors. But many basements will still have bulkheads. As part of your basement renovations, disguise them as best you can. For the bulkheads that must stay, extend them from wall to wall, instead of leaving them as boxes floating from the ceiling.

Prepare for a home sale with smart basement renovations

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