Home staging with neutral colors

Home staging with neutral colors

Toronto Home staging companies with neutral colors invite buyers. When preparing your home for sale, the goal of home staging is to make your house feel inviting. Buyers enter your home wanting to feel welcome. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging know that spaces staged with neutral colours are less likely to turn buyers away. Here are five reasons why working with neutral colours should be part of your home-staging plan.

Neutral colours are calming

Neutral colors have little saturation, which creates a relaxing background in your space. During a showing, a buyer’s eye will drift from one feature to the next without distraction. Consider home-staging with nature-based elements, such as natural wood furniture, to provide a restful theme among the decorations in your space.

Home staging with a neutral colors backdrop

Neutral colours provide a simple background to work within each room. Neutral paint colours, countertops and fabrics allow you to easily add pops of colour with art and accessories. This will create depth in your space. Your decorations will have more of a visual impact on a neutral background than they would in a cluttered, colourful space.

Neutral themes never go out of style

Neutral colours are timeless and never go out of style. As you stage your home with neutral elements, you are creating a foundation that buyers can see themselves working with for many years. Your home staging will offer many opportunities for buyers to take your space in any direction once they move in.

Bring in buyers with a neutral-staged home

Spaces that use a neutral backdrop in home staging typically have a higher resale value. A visually crowded space with too many colours can turn buyers away. Neutral colors increase the flow from room to room in a home. When you’re preparing for a sale, remember to create a calm and consistent theme with wall colours, furniture and hardware.

Neutral doesn’t equal boring

A home staged with neutral elements doesn’t have to be bland. White, grey, denim blue, silver, gold and many other colours are neutral. The goal is to achieve a clean and uncluttered space that pleases the eye. To showcase your home at its best, select neutral paint colours that compliment your furniture and finishes. Both warm and dark neutrals can add elegance and achieve a modern look.

Neutral colours do not have to be bland and boring. Using elegant, crowd-pleasing neutral colors can help you stage your home to perfection. At Baraka GTA Home Staging, we create a story using lights and furniture from our premium selection, allowing buyers to envision a life in their new home. For expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a professional Toronto home staging company. Contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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