Home staging with a natural theme

Home staging with a natural theme

Home staging with a natural theme: Using natural textures, textiles and elements in your home staging create warmth. When potential buyers enter your home, they’ll be greeting with cozy elements of nature. To incorporate natural elements in your staging, try these tips from a Toronto home staging company like Baraka GTA Home Staging.

Use natural textures to create warmth

Rustic textures and surfaces have increased in popularity in home staging and design. Homeowners have become attracted to the warmth and natural appeal that they create. Textiles like reclaimed wood furniture bring character to space while remaining neutral. Using warm, natural fabrics in rugs, pillows and accessories can also achieve this warm look. Work with natural textures like faux fur in your home staging to welcome buyers and make them feel at home

Incorporate lush greenery in home staging

With so many health benefits, houseplants are a must-have in every home and every room. Use hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces. Lovely leafy greens work well to fill empty corners and on top of side tables. Pair your greens with lush green fabrics in your furniture, rugs and cushions for more appeal.

Add floral accents for a fresh feel

Once you’ve removed your personal items and clutter from every room, your home may feel empty. Freshen it up with flowers. Not only are they visually appealing, they add a natural scent to your home that is more subtle than candles or sprays. The most important places to use flowers in home staging are in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Your tables and kitchen counter are ideal options to place floral arrangements. But adding small arrangements on the sink or windowsill in bathrooms can add a dramatic touch. Fresh flowers on a side table in your entryway is an excellent way to welcome buyers into your home.

Home staging with a natural theme

When working with natural elements, furniture textures and finishes are key. Avoid having every item made of the same type of wood. Consider mixing natural elements like wood, stone and metals. Metallic accents work well in home staging. They add texture without affecting the colour scheme of your room. Experiment with metallic hardware and fixtures among your furniture.Home staging with a natural theme

Work with natural wood

Along with natural finishes, shades of brown can make your rooms look inviting. Consider staging your space with wooden chairs and shelves. Remove any runners or carpets from wooden staircases in the home. Instead, use the bare wood for a modern look. A great staging decision is to replace carpeting with natural wood floors. A light textured wood will hide imperfections and make small spaces appear larger. Natural wood appears at its best when accompanied by bright lighting.

Whether it’s fabrics, paint, metals or furniture, it’s important to have a home that’s styled with a natural look to create warmth. If you need expert assistance with decoration or style, hire a home stager. For a professional Toronto home staging company, contact Baraka GTA Staging at 416-992 9494.


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