Creating curb appeal in home staging

Creating curb appeal in home staging prepare Toronto home for real estate sale. When preparing to sell your home, you have to sell it to a potential buyer several times. The most important time is when they drive by and – hopefully – come inside for a showing. If buyers don’t like what they see on […]

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Home staging with art and accessories

You’ve cleaned your house, decluttered, and made the space lighter and brighter, now it’s time to add art and accessories for home staging. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging use these decorations to draw a buyer’s attention. They are also use then to depict a lifestyle that buyers want for themselves. Proper art […]

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Five ways to stage a dining room to sell

Staging a dining room involves more than setting the table. It’s challenging to stage rooms that are small, dark or share space with another room. When staging a dining room, create an inviting space that welcomes buyers. Create a space that buyers would be happy to host their own dinner guests. Baraka GTA Staging suggests these five […]

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Staging a Serene Master Bedroom

Everyone has different preferences, and it’s imperative to know that those who are looking to buy may not exactly be into the same as you. Rooms that are serene, calm, open, and tidy are ones that sell, and when you’re staging a master bedroom, creating this type of environment is essential. Tips for Staging a […]

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