Top furniture trends used by Toronto home staging companies

Top furniture trends used by Toronto home staging companies

Top furniture trends used by Toronto home staging companies

When you’re preparing for a sale, home staging is essential to making your property stand out. Staging and design trends are constantly changing, which means you need to remain current. Toronto home staging companies like Baraka GTA Home Staging seek inspiration from modern interior design trends to make their styles more attractive to buyers. Here are the top furniture trends for 2019 that can help your home to have more appeal on the market.

The colour beige is back

Home staging requires a neutral backdrop. In any room, stagers begin with a blank slate that will appeal to the masses. Using a calm and neutral colour for furnishings like white or grey enables stagers to add pops of colour in the art and accessories. But interior design colours are always changing.

In 2019, many stagers will see the return of cream, taupe and beige colours. Grey has been a colour of choice recently. But, at times, grey has proved difficult to match to stainless appliances and other home features. It also comes across as a cool colour. Shades of cream continue to appeal to the masses and present themselves much warmer. This is essential since buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the space, and incorporating their own furnishings. Cream is available in a wider range of colours when compared to grey. It also pairs well with organic fabrics.

Home staging with metallic accents

Adding a bit of sparkle and shine in home staging rarely goes out of style. Adding just the right amount of metallic in your furniture will add luxury to any space. You can incorporate this trend into your furniture with desks or tables that have brushed metallic legs, armrests on chairs and sofas, and even hardware on cabinets. Balancing these shiny elements with natural materials like stone or marble is key.

Hues of bronze, silver and gold work well as metallic accents in furniture. When home staging for potential buyers, these accents will also add personality to a room. Whether staging a bedroom, living room or dining space, keep these furniture accents in mind to add a rich wow factor that buyers will recognize.

Bid farewell to oversized furniture

Large sectional sofas, big armchairs and dining tables that seat 12 all have their place in a home. But, when it comes to home staging, less is more. When a couch overtakes a room, it can be difficult for buyers to envision anything else fitting in the space.

Instead, before your home hits the market, swap out these pieces. Several, small items will make any room look larger and more functional. You can couple a smaller loveseat with an ottoman, chaise or footstool instead of a large sectional. In a dining room, remove extra leaves from your table to open up space. An important part of home staging is improving the traffic flow from room to room. Working with smaller furniture items will create ample space for buyers to navigate through.

Focus on multi-functional furniture

In Toronto and other urban areas, the lines between home and work are blurring. Many young professionals work from home and are looking for a space that accommodates. When home staging condos or other spaces for singles, individual room functions will merge. This means furniture needs to be used for more than one purpose.

Consider a dining table or coffee console that can double as a desk. A kitchen table may also serve as a meeting space. Extra chairs may need to be added or tucked away on demand. Furniture trends in these homes utilize clever storage. Singles and young professionals may prefer a smaller space but will be looking to amplify the rooms they do have. Consider maximizing the space by home staging with floating shelves, benches or ottomans with space for storage, and organization overall.

Add warmth in home staging with vintage pieces

While home-staging often focuses on modern design trends, this can be complemented with a bit of history. Too many clean lines and modern pieces can come across as cold to potential buyers. The goal of home staging is to create a warm and welcoming space. Traditionally, vintage furniture has added a warmer touch to any design.

Amid all the clean lines of modern furniture, one or two vintage pieces will stand out. This is important for any home stager, as it will create a focal point. Giving buyer’s eyes a place to rest will help to ground them as they enter a room. Consider home staging with one or two antique furniture items such as a dining table, side board or chest. It will add a personal touch to your style, and add warmth to your space.

If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance with preparing for a sale, hire a home stager. At Baraka GTA Home Staging, professional team will work with you to understand the needs of the buyer. We leave a lasting impression by using space, lighting and furniture from our immaculate premium selection. We like to create a story in each space, by allowing buyers to envision their lives truly in their new home. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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