White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes

White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes

White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes

Classy and sophisticated, white walls are the top choice for many home stagers. White provides a clean and neutral backdrop to add colour in other ways. But without these pops of colour in the rest of the décor, a white wall can fall flat. The options of where and how to add splashes of colour in home staging are limitless. Below, the experts at Baraka GTA Home staging provide five ways to add colour freely to a living space with white walls.

1. Hang bold artwork

The last time you visited an art gallery, did you notice the wall colour? It’s likely you didn’t because it was white. This allowed the art pieces to shine and become a focal point. For this same reason, many home stagers will paint rooms a fresh coat of white before they hang art in order to have a neutral backdrop. In this way, the art won’t have to compete with a bold wall colour behind it. When shopping for art, remember you don’t need to have a massive canvas. Smaller prints hung in groupings work well also.

2. Add flowers and plants

Fresh flowers and plants can add natural colours to a white space. If you’re trying to create a calm vibe with home staging, plants can improve relaxation – and the air quality as well. As you choose house plants, be sure to consider the lighting in your home. Some plants will flourish in sunlight, while others prefer darker rooms. Regardless of your sunlight, there’s no shortage of flora to consider. If you’re aiming for a minimalistic look, simple greenhouse plants contrast perfectly with crisp, white walls.

3. Arrange statement furniture

Your furniture pieces make the biggest and boldest statement against a white wall. And, with a neutral backdrop behind them, home stagers can take risks with the furniture they choose. For example, a bold, printed sofa works well in a white living room in the same way that a prominent headboard does in the bedroom. Beyond brightly coloured furniture and loud prints, be sure to consider the shape of your pieces as well. Unique angles can also add a “wow factor” to the blank canvas of white on your walls.

4. Place patterned rugs

In a white room with light floors, it’s important to add depth. This interior design trick helps home stagers to add dimension to space. This can be done with colourful rugs in either solid colours or bold patterns. Be sure to consider how much space you have available for your rugs and that it pairs well with your furniture, too. White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes.

5. Turn to textured fabrics

In a white room that has simple furniture, there are many ways to accessorize with fabrics. From drapery to blankets, throws, cushions and table cloths, you can exercise colour freedom in many ways. If you already have incorporated many of the above design elements into your room, it may not be necessary to add these finishing touches. But if you have more opportunities to enhance the colour of space, these smaller fabric additions can certainly complete your colour palette.

White walls give colour freedom to Toronto homes

Houses that are freshly painted from top to bottom are likely to generate more in a final sale. That’s why Toronto home staging companies will often start with a clean coat of white paint before they add colour to each room. If you’re a seller who needs expert assistance in home staging, contact Baraka GTA Home Staging. Our professional team will ensure your space makes buyers feel at home by using lighting, furniture and accessories from our immaculate, premium selection. Contact Baraka GTA Home Staging at 416-992 9494.


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